Chapter 1: Page 9

10th Feb 2017, 1:17 PM in 1. Sky Dragon
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Chapter 1: Page 9
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QuotePilgrim 10th Feb 2017, 1:17 PM edit delete
Yep, the girls are getting paid with a comically large bag of gold.

That’s one of the quirks of this comic’s universe.

Yeah, Hapax Legomena is back, sort of. I finished the remaining four pages of this chapter, and scheduled them to go up every Friday starting today.

What’s the fate of this comic once this chapter ends, I really don’t know. I have the script for the second chapter, and maybe I’ll spend a little time drawing it on the side at the end of each day I draw Empty Hallways.

I’ll only upload Chapter 2 after I finished drawing it. That also applies for all the following chapters, if I ever actually draw them. That way, at least the comic will have regular updates within the course of each chapter.

I have no scripts for Chapter 3 onwards yet, so I have no idea when or whether I’ll really draw it, unfortunately. what I do have is a very clear idea of how this story ends – pretty much all the events for the last 5 chapters or so are already planned – so maybe that’ll motivate me to eventually finish the comic.

Here’s the Hapax Legomena infodump I linked on a previous text page that I have now deleted: